2018 Ford Mustang GT

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If you’re in the market for a Mustang, you know what you want: You want a Mustang. Question is, what’s the 2018 model got going for it? As it turns out, quite a lot.

It starts with the 460 horsepower, 5 liter V8 engine, standard on the GT Fastback. A lot of power under the hood which translates into an incredibly fast ride. Plus Ford’s dual fuel injection—both direct and port injection—gives you more power when you want it, and better fuel efficiency all around.

Go for the optional LCD instrument readout and control everything from the color to the layout of your gauges. The 2018 also comes with an optional exhaust system which basically lets you choose how loud you want your Mustang to rumble—loud and teeth-rattling or a low heavy purr. Plus you get that iconic look and feel of a car that is part of America’s automotive history. Pure Mustang. Learn more at Ford.

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