2019 Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 High Lifter Edition

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As someone who once lived down a mile and a half long dirt road outside county maintenance jurisdiction, I’ve felt the unique agony of realizing one’s truck is stuck in mud. Had the Polaris Sportsman High Lifter been on hand, getting stuck would never have been an issue. (Though, to be fair, the temptation to engage in serious mud whomping would have been too much, leaving the road gouged to a nearly impassable condition after just one trip. Sorry neighbors.)

Assuming you have a good out of the way place to properly carve the mud to your heart’s content, this is absolutely the toy you need. With a specially built engine and mud-specific transmission, the High Lifter puts out 85 horsepower and gives you 13.5 inches of ground clearance, thanks to the arched A-arms suspension and 29.5 inch Outlaw 2 Tires (which are so knobby they look like a stack of rubberized circular saw blades stuck together).

There’s also a 3,500 pound Polaris HD winch if you ever happen to find some mud that manages to trap the mighty Sportsman. But something tells us it’s gonna take quite an impressive pit of mud for that to happen. – Shop Now

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