2019 Roush Raptor

2019 ROUSH Raptor

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If it turns out you’d like the new Ford Raptor to have a bit more of an edge, go for the ROUSH package. At the core you get the performance of the all-new Raptor with its military-grade aluminum alloy body and ten speed auto transmission. The package leaves the already impressive power as-is, with 450 horsepower and 510 foot-pounds of torque.

You’ll first notice the ROUSH effect in the wheel upgrades. Twenty-inch bead protection wheels feature ROUSH exclusive red or black nylon-based rings to keep the wheels protected when you take your Raptor off road (or mis-judge a curb).

On the exterior, a black corrosion-resistant Chase rack sits above the bed, ready for the optional off-road Rigid lighting bar. Bedside, hood, and windshield ROUSH graphics let the world see that your Raptor isn’t stock — and the upgraded exhaust lets everyone hear it too. A standard ROUSH Raptor package will run you about $13K over the base price but also comes with a three-year warranty. – Shop Now


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