2021 Porsche Taycan EV

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Even in the age of the electric vehicle, Porsche continues to be a leader in the high-performance automotive sector. The new 2021 Porsche Taycan EV proves it. 

When pushing high-performance boundaries into the future, it usually requires more power. Porsche checks that box by making the Taycan the first production EV featuring an 800-volt design. They combine that with a multispeed transaxle to achieve incredible acceleration numbers in the desirable Taycan EV Turbo S model.

Considering it can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in only 2.4 seconds, this may be one of the most exciting Porsche driving experiences available. 

If you eliminate Porsche race cars from the equation, the Taycan offers a sporty driving experience unlike any of the prestigious brand’s long list of accomplished road models. The numbers are impressive to say the least, even for the six-figure price tag. In fact, most seven-figure hypercars cannot even accelerate this quickly.

2021 Porsche Taycan EV

Porsche doesn’t stop exploring the potential of electric vehicles with performance, but it certainly matters to them. They engineered the Taycan EV to be capable of making multiple high-speed runs without losing a significant amount of juice. With many EVs, the more you make high-speed runs, the quicker you sap the performance potential as the battery drains.

As with most vehicles, there are several options available on top of standard equipment with the Taycan. For example, there are two battery choices, obviously one offers more performance and range than the other. Rear-wheel drive comes standard, but all-wheel drive is available.

There are four different trim levels available with the new Taycan EV: a base model, the 4S, the Taycan Turbo, or the Taycan Turbo 4S. Standard versions of the Taycan accelerate 0 to 62 mph in 5.4 seconds, still a respectable EV experience.

However, whether you choose door number one or door number two, one thing remains consistent. The 2021 Porsche Taycan EV features signature Porsche precision engineering and craftsmanship. 

Most modern driving applications require the use of a 4-door model for practical purposes, why not design them to feature sports car characteristics for those who want to have some fun behind the wheel? The Taycan injects some racing heritage into the EV competition. 

What will Porsche do next? For now, keep an eye out for the Taycan at a dealership near you. It is definitely worth checking out.

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