2021 Wethepeople Envy BMX Bike

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The end product here is somehow better than the sum of its parts. Though, to be clear, the parts themselves are very good. With a Wethepeople frame and components from stalwart BMX parts brand Éclat, the Envy BMX Bike is a one-stop, completely decked-out bike for riding hard on the streets or in the park. 

Born in Germany in 1996, Wethepeople have spent their long time in the BMX world specifically catering to what riders actually want. And while many of those riders want a bike they’ve customized from the ground up using WTP frames and components, other riders are just eager to get out there and ride. Hence WTP’s 2021 lineup of complete bikes. 

Feeling and handling a lot like a custom bike, the Envy is lightweight but tough enough to handle all the grinds, bunny hops, and tailwhips you want—looking quite handsome in the process. 

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