2022 Ford GT Heritage Edition Supercar

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Celebrating heritage with style while pushing the boundaries of performance to new limits, Ford knows how to build the quintessential American supercar. The 2022 Ford GT Heritage Edition Supercar is a testament to both their legacy and progress as a motorsports powerhouse. 

Of course, there is some sadness as 2022 marks the end of the line for the Ford GT. That’s not a fluid leak, that might be an actual puddle of tears forming from weeping enthusiasts worldwide.

That’s why Ford is going to cheer you up with this special Heritage Edition GT that clearly pays homage to the prototypes responsible for winning the 1964 Le Mans race. America’s only Le Mans victories came in Ford GT cars. 

First, they celebrated wins in consecutive years from 1966 to 1969, literally pissing Ferrari off, year after year. Then a Ford GT won again in 2016 providing icing on the cake. Make sure they put a Ford GT die-cast model on top of that cake now, send it back if it comes with a red Ferrari.

This 2022 Heritage GT from Ford is gorgeous. It features sexy body lines that the Wimbledon White Paint really highlights while a triple racing stripe provides the finishing touch. These seductive curves are not just for looks, this is a finely tuned aerodynamic machine. 

2022 Ford GT Heritage Edition Supercar

Carbon fiber accents remind you of how lightweight this supercar is while amplifying the racing soul of the iconic Ford GT. Even the 20-inch Antimatter-Blue rims feature carbon fiber architecture. Hop inside to settle into Lightspeed Blue Alcantara suede seats and get ready to go fast. Lightspeed fast.

Although Ford is limiting production of the 2022 GT Heritage Edition, they have yet to announce how many they will release. They also have yet to reveal a price but no matter what it is, it will sell out if it hasn’t already. If you are really curious, they usually start around a half-million dollars.

What that buys these days is astounding. A nearly perfectly balanced machine with a 3.5L twin-turbo V6 creating a screaming 660 horsepower with 550 pound-feet of torque. That engine is sitting behind you but when you get on it, this baby screams like a jet turbine. It is divine.

Chances are you will not get a chance to see very many 2022 Ford GT Heritage Edition Supercars in person unless you own one. This is going to be one of those pics or it didn’t happen kind of car sightings. 

The only problem is, by the time you open the camera app on your phone, the Ford GT will be long gone. That’s why unicorns always remain myths, the same holds true in the automotive world.

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