2023 Mercedes-AMG GT2

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It’s no secret that Mercedes-AMG is a very prestigious name in racing and motorsports. Since 1967, Mercedes-AMG race cars have been at the pinnacle of motorsports, consistently. The 2023 Mercedes-AMG GT2 continues that legacy as the future of racing for the iconic team.

Upon first glance, it’s easy to notice the mean-looking widemouth grille ready to devour as much air as the biturbo 4.0L V8 engine can suck in. The aggressive nose and headlight design enhances the grille’s badass appeal while the racing tires give this 2023 GT2 race car an intimidating stance.

Enough about the styling, which looks fantastic. What really defines a race car from any builder is the performance. In the case of the new GT2 from Mercedes-AMG, it is the most powerful homologated race car in the history of their customer racing program. It looks very fast but it can definitely back that bark up with a nasty bite.

What else would you expect from a GT2 race car from Mercedes-AMG? The twin-turbo V8 engine produces 707 horsepower. It features a flat-crankshaft design engineered specifically for motorsports. When you fire this engine up, you can hear and feel it. It makes gearheads feel weak in the knees.

2023 Mercedes-AMG GT2

As is the case with almost all modern GT race cars, power is sent to the rear wheels through a sequential racing gearbox optimized for racing. The six-speed gearbox is attached to the rear axle using a transaxle configuration. A torque tube made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic helps connect the transaxle to the engine.

Other highlights for the 2023 Mercedes-AMG GT2 include adjustable motorsport shock absorbers. There is also an adjustable anti-roll bar, as you would expect in a GT car. 

Even though the body looks like the perfect marriage between sophistication and a muscle car, quite a bit of precision engineering added the finishing touch. It is aerodynamically tuned for optimizing downforce and minimizing wind resistance through the eyes of perfectionists. Nothing short of perfection would suffice for this car.

That’s the kind of approach that Mercedes-AMG uses and it has always been this way. You can make adjustments to the rear-wing to achieve your ideal handling dynamics and driving stability in the GT2. Even the forged 18-inch wheels feature an innovative central locking system to make changes smoother and faster.

Of course, inside the car, you will find a true racing cockpit. Don’t expect the kind of bells and whistles you would see in a road-going car from Mercedes-AMG. This is a real race car. You will find a six-point racing harness, a fire extinguishing system, and a racing safety net.

If you choose to hit the circuit in the 2023 GT2 from Mercedes-AMG, you will enjoy the full support of their worldwide customer racing program. If you want more details about when you can acquire the new GT2 for your team, all you need to do is contact the Mercedes-AMG customer racing program. Get ready to start your engines.

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