21st Amendment El Sully Lager

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21st Amendment. Is that the one about voting? Or the one that limits presidential terms? No, friends. It’s the one that returned the great US of A back to sanity. Repealing Prohibition, the 21st Amendment said that once again all Americans (of legal drinking age) can enjoy a good firm drink. Don’t squander your right. Celebrate it like 21st Amendment Brewery does with cold, foamy, made-in-the US beer.

El Sully is the brewery’s answer to the question, “What do I drink on the beach?” or for the beachless among us, “What do I drink if I want to feel like I’m on a beach?” This Mexican style lager (like a Pacifico or Tecate but with craft brew integrity) is easy drinking, low-bitterness and has just the right ABV for a daytime session. Get a can, or 6, and raise a toast to not having to know a password just to get yourself a drink. Learn more at 21st Amendment Brewery.

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