21st Amendment Sparkale Tropical Ale

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Ever feel like you need to shake up what’s in your beer fridge? The tried-and-true classics are mighty enjoyable, to be sure, but sometimes, you need a beer that’s fresh, crisp and made to deliver a seasonally friendly kick. If that sounds like your current situation, you could do worse than to crack open a cold can of the 21st Amendment Sparkale Tropical Ale — to say it’s unlike any beer you’ve ever tried might be an understatement. How’s that?

Let’s start with the additions that give the beer its name. The Sparkale features pineapple, coconut and apple for a refreshing, bright citrus blend that really pops in the spring and summer heat. It features smaller amounts of gluten than other beers in the 21st Amendment product line, a positive that goes hand-in-hand with its clean, crisp flavor. To us, this sounds like the type of beer to enjoy for hours on end at the lake or the pool this season.

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