5 Grilling Accessories To Try This Summer

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5 Grilling Accessories to try this SummerAs grilling season begins to really get going, here’s five accessories to try out this year on your quest to mastering the timeless art of grilling.

Stainless Steel Grilling Clips

Grill Clips

A plate full of perfectly grilled meat without some vegetables to accompany it is still pretty awesome, but to round out the experience, give the Stainless Steel Grilling Clips a go this year. They eliminate the hassle of kabob sticks and will also keep your vegetables from sticking straight to the grill.
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Wood Chip Smoker Box

Wood Chip Smoker Box

No matter how well you season them, burgers and steaks just aren’t complete without that nice smokey flavor. Instead of just throwing some hickory on the coals and hoping for the best, try the Wood Chip Smoker Box at your next BBQ. Simply throw your soaked wood chips inside the rust-resistant stainless steel box, put it on the grill, and wait for rich, smokey greatness.

The Thrill of the Grill Book

The Thrill Of The Grill

We’re not downplaying your grilling skills by any means, but it couldn’t hurt to beef up on the basics to ensure a fantastic grilling season. With over 130,000 copies already sold, “The Thrill of the Grill” is your go to guide for such things as setting up your grill, an assortment of over 190 grilling recipes, barbecuing, and other top-notch tips.
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Grilling is alot of fun. Cleaning up your grill, however, is a real bitch. Fortunately, the Grillbot is here to help. The Grillbot is a small battery-powered robot with a built-in brush that cleans your grill so you don’t have to. It works on hot or cold gas and charcoal grills, and features a single button to operate, three electric motors, replaceable brushes, an LCD alarm and timer, and a built-in smart computer that regulates its speed and direction. Available in four different colors this August.
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LED Grill Lights

LED Grill Lights

Sometimes time gets away from you and you’re left barbecuing by the moonlight, which is not a bright enough light source for grilling perfection. Opt for the LED Grill Light instead. It is crafted from heat and weather resistant high-density plastic and features 15 energy saving LED lights that rotate up to 180 degrees to shed enough light on your grilled masterpiece. Attaches safely to most grill handles.

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