8BitDo Arcade Stick

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Button mashers rejoice! The Arcade Stick from 8BitDo gives your Nintendo Switch a big bank of buttons and a joystick to make your next Double Dragon matchup feel like you’re playing in the jangly electronic chaos of an arcade (minus the sweat and hotdog aroma). The button bank will also work with PCs running Windows 7 and up, but like much of the hardware 8BitDo develops, the Arcade Stick puts out serious Nintendo vibes.   

The focus here is customization, with mappable buttons and P1/P2 buttons that let you switch between presets. Want to upgrade the joystick? The universal mounting plate lets you swap it out for pretty much any arcade stick out there. Feel like modding it some more? The buttons are also swappable. Connectivity is through bluetooth, 2.4G wifi with the included receiver, or wired via the USB-C cable. The Arcade Stick is available to pre-order now and ships out towards the end of October. Get yours and prepare to dominate at Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, and every other Switch game you play. 

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