Abodu Backyard Home

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Ever dreamt of building a home that seems out of the realm of possibility? A “dream home” that seems beyond a dream, whether in scope or size or feasibility? The Abodu Backyard Home is here to change all of that — it’s quite literally a scalable, buildable dream home that looks like it was ripped from your favorite Instagram feed or Pinterest board (in the best way possible). Here’s the scoop when it comes to the Abodu Backyard Home: It’s a backyard home made to extend and improve your current dwelling (or replace it altogether if you really want to downsize), it’s able to built within two weeks in your backyard, and it’s seriously stylish and well-considered.

So, it could just be the  iconic and totally cool home of your dreams — in a matter of weeks, that is. It’ll set you back about $200K, but that covers the entire permitting and build-out process — if you really want to go for it, you might consider that price a downright steal.

We’re talking 500 square feet of space, a well-designed one-bedroom layout and instantly recognizable cathedral ceilings; it’s the coolest living space of this size that we’ve seen. It’s topped off with touches like fully waterproof engineered hardwood and high-efficiency LED lighting — your perfect home comes with everything included, and now, it’s within reach.

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