Adidas Boston SuperXR1

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The best design is often deceptively simple and functional without being overly attention-grabbing — such is the case with the Boston SuperXR1, a throwback-inspired pair of sneakers with real-life sporting roots. By “real-life sporting roots,” we mean they call back to the brand’s marathon trainers as produced and worn in the ‘80s on the world-famous marathon route.

Nowadays, they’ll work readily for road races while also channeling a bit of laidback cool off the streets — say, when worn with slim faded denim and a grey crewneck sweater to grab a weekend morning coffee. It’s the kind of two-in-one performance that guys expect from their sneakers nowadays, and that’s probably why every guy you know owns a pair of low-key, retro-tinged runners.

The Boost midsole provides unparalleled comfort and style, while the color combo again harkens back to decades past without going over the top. – Shop Now

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