Adidas Ultraboost 19

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Adidas continues to step up to the plate in the ongoing global sneaker wars — yes, it’s truly global and it’s more competitive than ever — with technological innovation like the Ultraboost line and the Ultraboost 19 in particular.

We appreciate the brand’s commitment to blending style with technical innovation, and it’s that sort of approach that’s won them committed sneakerhead fans and a legion of consumers who appreciate (and buy) the brand first and foremost for its athletic-minded performance.

The great thing about a product line like the Ultraboost series is how uniquely suited these sneakers are for winter travel. After all, comfort and great looks are as key when you’re dashing through the airport for a last-minute flight as they are when you’re pounding out an early-morning run. The even better news is that Adidas can help on both fronts, no matter how you decide to wear and use your Ultraboost 19 sneakers. – Shop Now

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