Air Deck Travel Cards

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There comes a time when you’re staring down the most dreaded travel hang-up imaginable — a delayed flight, a crowded airport, and a long wait ahead of you. What’s a group of friends to do? Break out the cards — not just any deck will do, though. The Air Deck Travel Cards are seriously the must-buy playing cards you need in your carry-on, complete with a compact and quality design.

They’re fit for the beach or the patio, too — these sleek cards are roughly half the width of standard playing cards, and they just so happen to be waterproof and rip-proof. If that sounds too good to be true when it comes to playing cards, just know that this isn’t a deck you need to worry about getting damaged, seeing as the use of casino-quality PVC plastic takes care of that worry for you.

Air Deck Travel Cards

The next time you hit the road with friends, pack these cards alongside the rest of your everyday carry essentials — who knows, you just might save the trip.

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