Air Opus Inflatable Camper

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RVs are comfortable, but where do you park it the other 300 days of the year? Tents are portable, but sometimes you want a little less wild in your wilderness. That’s why camper trailers exist. Exploiting that sweet spot between go-anywhere and sleep-like-a-baby, UK-based Opus has been making camping trailers for years. And now they’ve gone a step beyond.

They call it the Air Opus. All that messing around with tent poles and assembly? Gone. This upgrade—for any of their trailers—uses Air Pole technology to set up in under 2 minutes with the flip of a switch. And take-down is just as easy.

A 2 minute set up is pretty impressive considering the amenities and options an Opus packs: 2 double beds, seating area, fridge, pull out cookspace, and tons of windows. All of it folds down into a low profile trailer that even small vehicles can tow. – Learn more at Opus Camper.

Air Opus Inflatable Camper Tent

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