Alaska Airlines Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Aircraft

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Photo by Ingrid Barrentine (Alaska Airlines)

While we sadly haven’t mastered the art of hyperdrive engine design, modern accomplishments in aviation are impressive nonetheless. And if you ask any number of today’s pilots what their favorite movies were as a kid, you’ll probably not be surprised to know that Star Wars’ high-flying aerial combat was an inspiration to children everywhere.

Now, you can get a little taste of the Star Wars universe experience courtesy of the new Alaska Airlines Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Aircraft. The beautifully illustrated mural on the side of the plane features the Millenium Falcon chased by Tie Fighters, and it’s in celebration of the latest addition to Disneyland Park. Whether you’re a new Star Wars fan or a longtime devotee, this ride could be an integral part of your next vacation experience (even if it’s not to galaxies far, far away).

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