Hands-On: All-Weather Basecamp Sandals

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With the weather heating up and camping on my mind, I decided that it was about time to kick off my shoes and embrace a new pair of sandals.

The trouble is, sandals aren’t usually my thing. The constant noise and motion of flip-flops bothers me to no end, and the straps of most hiking sandals rub my heels raw. Slides are a no-go as well outside of anywhere but stepping out of the shower.

Add all of that to the fact that I’ve pretty quickly destroyed every pair of sandals I’ve ever owned, and it was tempting to avoid the idea altogether. 

But when I saw Huckberry’s new All-Weather Basecamp Sandals, they looked like they might be my Goldilocks-perfect summer footwear. So we asked our friends at Huckberry send us a pair in exchange for a fair and balanced review, and voila—that’s what you’re reading right now. So let’s get into it.

Hands-On: All-Weather Basecamp Sandals Review
Brian Adee

The Fit

After lamenting how difficult it has been to find a pair of sandals that I actually enjoy wearing, let me tell you: The Basecamp Sandals are the real deal when it comes to fit.

That’s a result of their unique shaping and fitting system. Take a look at the silhouette of the sandal, and you’ll probably notice that it’s shaped more like a sneaker without a heel than a sandal. Pair that with four points of adjustment—velcro on the top and bottom strap, and pull-tight straps outside of that to fine-tune the fit—and you get a sandal that fits snugly like a sneaker while being as convenient as a slide.

Getting the initial fit right took a little bit of work, because I was getting used to that four-point adjustment system. But once I got it dialed in, I felt like I could go anywhere in these sandals. So far I’ve taken them out for about 20 miles of hiking the hills outside of my home in Cincinnati, and they’ve continued to break in and become even more comfortable and molded to the shape of my feet.

All-Weather Basecamp Sandals Review
Brian Adee

The Style

Even though they’re designed for outdoor hiking and around the camp adventures, the All-Weathers look good enough to wear around town too. 

They’re available in three different complementary color schemes, each with a contrasting layer of white EVA midsole. The uppers are made of a durable nylon canvas (more on that in a moment), so with a little bit of shoe cleaner it’s pretty easy to keep them looking presentable for days out at your favorite rooftop bar.

You can also choose to be like me, and commit the biggest sandal faux pas: Socks with sandals. I have a few pairs of brightly colored and patterned socks, and was actually really happy with how they look paired with the Basecamp sandals.

All-Weather Basecamp Sandals Review
Brian Adee

The Function

They look good and they feel good—but how do these sandals stack up to heavy use while hiking and camping?

So far, I’ve worn these sandals for about 30 miles of hiking in the hills behind my home in Cincinnati. In almost every case, they’ve held up extremely well. The 1000D Cordura ballistic nylon uppers are basically bulletproof, and the rubber Vibram XS Trek Outsole is tough as nails and has yet to show any wear and tear.

The only exception I found where they’re not the perfect shoe for me is that as you approach higher inclines of hiking, the open-back design can offer less support than I had hoped for. I wasn’t fully slipping out of the shoe, but my heel would slide to the very back of the sandal on tough ascents.

All-Weather Basecamp Sandals Review
Brian Adee

Final Verdict

All of that taken into account, I’m very satisfied with my experience with the All-Weather Basecamp Sandals. They’re more comfortable than any other sandal I’ve worn, and seem to be made with exceptional long-term durability in mind. 

That makes them excellent for around-town cruising and flatland hiking, but you’ll probably want to switch into your boots or shoes for high-incline ascents. Overall, I’m stoked to have them as a more breathable and comfortable option for summer footwear that can still keep up with whatever adventures I find to get into.

Price: $125

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