Alpaka Zip Pouch Pro

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How much room do you need for your everyday carry essentials? Well, that’ll depend on your carry style—but also on how long of a trip you’re taking with your gear. 

If you’re embarking on an epic quest, you’d better be fully loaded and ready for any possibility.

But a trip to the corner store, the cafe, or even just out to the garage? Carrying a whole backpack’s worth of everyday carry gear is quite obviously overkill.

Alpaka’s Zip Pouch Pro lives very firmly on the latter side of the everyday carry spectrum. Just big enough to carry a knife in its outside pocket, it can easily double as a wallet with its convenient center zip pocket. And since its made of a super lightweight fabric, you can easily substitute this for a wallet and throw it inside of your larger bag when it’s time to scale up.

Price: $35

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