Alpen Bike Capsule

Alpen Bike Capsule

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The bicycle is possibly the perfect mode of transport for city dwellers — but where do you stash it? Suspending it from the ceiling on stud hooks feels a little dormroom-esque. And when you bike rack it, you’re left to worry over its safety all night. So here’s an idea if you’ve got a little bit of common space available (and a super who’s at least a little accommodating).

The Alpen Bike Capsule bolts to the ground to create a weatherproof, thief-proof, futuristic pod for your bike. Made from super strong, uv-resistant, roto-molded plastic, the door glides on ball bearings, opening up to accommodate bikes with handlebars up to 32 inches (or 36 inches with it the front wheel detached). Bikes up to 75 inches long will fit and there’s even storage space for your helmet and other bike paraphernalia.

Roll in your fixie then close and lock the pod door. The rain stays out, the sun stays off and your bike stays safe. You can pre-order it now at the pre-order price and expect to get yours capsule some time this summer. – Shop Now

Alpen Bike Capsule


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