Alpha Motor Corporation x Heimplanet Wolf+ Cloudbreak Truck

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As if we didn’t already want Alpha Motor’s all-electric truck. The Wolf+ is the truck offering from the Irvine California company and it’s a revelation in the power department—with a rapid charting motor that delivers some enviable numbers. It does zero to sixty in under six seconds and goes more than 275 miles on a charge. Crazy eye-catching in the design department, it has a sleek, futuristic look combined expertly with the classic, beefy pickup profile we know and love. 

In advance of their projected 2023 delivery of their vehicles, Alpha Motors is working on some extremely covetable projects. Like the Alpha Motor Corporation x Heimplanet Wolf+ Cloudbreak Truck. Featuring Alpha’s Wolf+ four-door truck, the collaboration draws on Heimplanet’s considerable skills in the tent and shelter department

Using the truck bed as a sleeping area, the exoskeleton tent runs off the back to create a living space with two large entry points. It’s a beautiful integration of truck and tent, drawing on the best that each of these innovative companies have to offer. It’s only makes us look forward even more to the day when Alphas are on the road. 

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