Alpine Cooking

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When you think of the Alps, what comes to mind first? The mountains, the snow, the world class skiing? Visions of European vacations and snow bunnies? 

While all of these things are undoubtedly good, the Alps have rich food and drink traditions that are largely unknown to modern foodies. But once you’ve cracked open Meredith Erickson’s Alpine Cooking, you won’t be able to get the mountain range’s unique foodways out of your mind. 

Spanning cuisines from Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and France, it’s a one stop shop for authentic European recipes, each with their own special spin on a classic dish. Try bread soup with chicory and egg, Austrian huckleberry dumplings, Swiss herdsman macaroni, or tomme tartine—and don’t forget to wash it all down with the many flavors of wine, cider, beer, schnapps, and spirits the region is best known for.

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