Amazon Fire TV Cube

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Where is the remote? You will no longer care. The Amazon Fire TV Cube can turn on your TV, control your cable box, raise the volume, show you camera feeds of your house, search Netflix and make you popcorn, just by talking to Alexa. (Okay, it won’t do that last thing. Yet.) The new streaming media player goes a few steps beyond Amazon’s last Fire TV devices by building Alexa into the Cube (instead of having to access her through a remote).

The Fire TV Cube also offers better voice pickup with far-field voice recognition so Alexa can hear you from any direction, plus the built-in speaker lets Alexa talk, allowing her to tell you the weather or one of her ever-popular jokes. While the Cube plugs into your TV (via HDMI) other hookups and cloud connectivity means you can control other devices too — switch from your cable box to streaming, or control smart home devices like lights and room cameras.

So now when you’re on the couch, and see the remote just out of reach, you no longer need to ask your spouse, your roommate, or your kid to fetch it for you. Just ask Alexa, she can take care of pretty much anything. Except popcorn. – Shop Now

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