American Trench Mil-Spec Sport Socks

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We’re of the belief that once you find a product you love, buy as many of ‘em as you possibly can. We’d say that’s certainly the case with the Mil-Spec Sport Socks from American Trench, crafted in the States using the same knit as socks made for, yep, the U.S. military.

These handsomely-designed socks are classic in their looks and nearly essential for everyday wear, designed to look just right whether sitting beneath your favorite navy suit or your most reliable pair of broken-in dark denim. The anti-microbial silver filament yarn is a decided upgrade over the way every other brand makes socks, resulting in hard-wearing pairs that last a long time and hold their shape and style with each use.

For everything from trail running to hiking to travel to a day at the office, there’s not a better pair of everyday socks than the Mil-Spec Sport Socks from American Trench. – Shop Now

American Trench Mil-Spec Sport Socks With Silver

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