Amundsen Mountain Muck Low Cut Boot

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We have traditional Inuit cultures to thank for a lot of the cold weather gear that makes life bearable in the Northern states and Canada. The parka has become a wintertime staple in many a man’s closet—and if it’s not already a part of yours, you should fix that ASAP. The same goes for the traditional mukluk, a cold weather boot that’s just now starting to get the attention it deserves.

Amundsen’s Mountain Muck Low Cut Boot takes the basic idea of a mukluk—combining a soft interior boot with a rigid waterproof outer boot—and brings it into this century. A low top design means it’s friendly to wear with just about anything. A Vibram outsole on the outer boot gives it maximum anti-slip protection. And if you’re just looking to get cozy, pull out the inner boot as a house slipper since it has a subtly grippy sole.

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