Groove Belt Tactical Belt

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Tactical belts aren’t just for the military anymore. Any guy who’s interested in the minimalist lifestyle will love the low-maintenance, low-profile design of the best tactical belts around—but if you’re looking for the real deal, I’d like to point you towards the Groove Belt Tactical Belt.

The real trick here that sets Groove Life’s tac belt apart from the competition is the neodymium magnets hidden away in its aluminum buckle. Where other belts mostly use teeth that grab onto the nylon webbing, marring it over time and eventually loosening the grip on your belt, these rare earth magnets have a grip that just won’t quit.

That’s paired with just the right amount of stretch in the webbing to keep you comfortable, as well as a 100 percent lifetime guarantee. As Groove Life says: “Cut it, stretch it, lose it. No problem. We replace it.” Overall, this really is a true buy-it-for-life purchase. 

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