Apocalypse Ram 1500 TRX 6×6 Truck

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How are you preparing for doomsday? If your plans do not include an Apocalypse Ram 1500 TRX 6×6 Truck, what are you even doing? You need the world’s fastest production truck to survive the unthinkable but of course, you are going to need a few modifications. That’s where Apocalypse Manufacturing comes in to save the day. 

They added two wheels by installing a proprietary middle axle to make the TRX into a true six-wheel-drive beast. There is even a seventh tire mounted in the truck bed should you need a spare when disaster strikes. You have to think of everything to stay prepared. 

Starting with the Ram TRX provides a powerful base for this custom Apocalypse 6×6 truck. The supercharged 6.2L Hemi V8 engine produces 702 horsepower with 650 pound-feet of torque. In other words, adding two more wheels to this workhorse will not even make it break a sweat. 

Apocalypse uses rugged 18-inch rims wrapped in 37-inch all-mud-terrain-tires to keep you trucking through rain, snow, or fallout conditions. If seeing the monstrous Ram TRX 6×6 sitting still strikes fear in you, imagine what it will do when it is moving. You definitely want this 6×6 by your side.

The team did not skimp on quality either, they properly reinforced the project using thicker steel for the custom frame. This step is important because the TRX has so much power to begin with. Apocalypse even handcrafted the custom middle axle.

As of right now, there is only one Apocalypse Ram 1500 TRX 6×6 Truck available in the world. Perhaps Apocalypse will build another someday but for now they are asking for $250,000 if you want this one. If you want to have the biggest, baddest truck on the block, you just found it.

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