Aptera Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle

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The Aptera Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle is the first Never Charge electric vehicle (EV). Powered by solar energy from the sun, most drivers will never have to charge their Aptera because they don’t travel more than their solar system can produce in one year.

Aptera vehicles can go for more than 40 miles a day on solar power. This is five times further than other EVs with the same-sized solar system.

Typical EVs have somewhere around 300 individual parts, the Aptera Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle only has 10 key structural parts. Based in California, Aptera also says their advanced science delivers a composite passenger safety cell stronger than any other vehicle on the road today. 

Aptera uses a resin-infused sandwich-core construction to produce extremely lightweight composite structures that are stronger than their steel counterparts.


The Aptera offers 1000+ miles of range in select areas and includes their advanced autopilot-system hardware. This hardware was developed in conjunction with a large Japanese OEM, ensuring it can compete right away with Tesla, BMW and Audi in the autonomous-driving department.

Aptera plans to have 10,000 units produced by 2022 and 40,000 by 2024. The initial target price for the Aptera Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle is somewhere between $36,000 to $59,000.

On their website, Aptera has an interactive slider questionnaire. Drivers can input their miles driven per day and correspond that with the Sun Zone they live in to discover how far the Aptera EV would get them. You can also invest in the Aptera on their website. Aptera asks EV drivers an enticing question, Do you lead a “Never Charge” lifestyle?

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