Arc Vector Motorcycle

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Electric motorcycles are coming. Well, they’re already here, but now they aren’t just one-off pet-project novelties. The Vector comes from UK company Arc and this bike of the future wants to get your whole body involved. Each of the 399 examples will come with custom tailored riding armor made in collaboration with Knox Armour and a helmet made with Hedon Helmets. The purpose of outfitting Vector riders is not just to make them look cool (though they will) it’s to fulfill the sci-fi promise of finally melding man with machine.

The outfit is part of Arc Motorcycle’s HMI, or Human Machine Interface, which includes a heads up display projected in the helmet’s visor to show you your speed, navigation, and what’s coming up behind you (thanks to the camera encased at the back of the helmet). The jacket houses a haptic feedback system that will deliver taps and vibrations to indicate stuff like a driver creeping up in your blind spot or how close you’re getting to maxing out performance.

The bike itself is pretty amazing too. Offering electric’s inverse efficiency from gas motors, the electric racer will get a range of 200 miles in the city and about 120 on the highway. Torque is all there from moment one, delivered by the 103kw motor which draws power from the 399 volt battery module. To cut weight—one of the tougher hurdles electric bikes have to surmount—the batteries were built into the monocoque structure. The reduced weight and powerful motor give will shoot you from zero to 60 in about three seconds and top out around 120 mph.
If the Vector looks like a cafe racer from the future, that’s sort of because it is. – Learn More

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