Arkonik So-Cal 1989 D90 Land Rover Defender

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Your average Land Rover is a pretty fancy affair to begin with, but when you throw in custom Arkonik add-ons, your upscale off-roader ratchets up to straight schmancy level appeal.  What will you get for the shocking $170,000 price tag, aside from a serious spike in blood pressure? 

Let’s start with a fully reconditioned and rebuilt engine and transmission, not to mention new steering, fuel system, and Arkonik Cellular Dynamic suspension.  Looks-wise, you’ll enjoy a Java Black exterior, along with upgrades to the grille, added badges, and so on. 

The interior features six seats, including Puma heated front row seats, trim in Camden woven leather, an Evander wood rimmed 15” steering wheel, alloy knobs, a Pioneer touchscreen display with Apple Car Play, Defender GPS security, and more.

Arkonik SoCal 1989 D90 Land Rover Defender

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