Aspark Full-Electric Hypercar Owl

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Setting goals and achieving them has sparked the innovation of humanity since the beginning of time. When the Japanese firm known as Aspark set out to make the world’s fastest accelerating car, their hypercar known as the Owl went from dream to reality. The Aspark Full-Electric Hypercar Owl is capable of going from 0-60 mph in 1.69 seconds. Dig a little deeper into the Aspark Owl and you will see what they hype is all about. 

Featuring four electric motors, the Aspark Owl delivers 2012 horsepower making it capable of reaching a top speed of 248 mph (400 km/h). With a height of 99 cm or just over three feet off the ground, Aspark claims the Owl is “probably the lowest road legal electric hypercar in the world”.

Equally impressive is the sleek style of the exterior. The Aspark Full-Electric Hypercar Owl features plenty of carbon fiber to keep the car as lightweight as possible. An active rear wing provides additional aerodynamic flow when necessary. Inside the Owl, a luxurious interior combines with an almost cockpit-like design to give the driver a truly unique experience. 


This full-electric hypercar features lithium-ion battery power with a 280 mile driving range. For high-performance handling, the Aspark Owl features double wishbone front and rear axles while the carbon ceramic braking system supplies stopping power. 

Of course, getting behind the wheel of the Aspark Owl is not going to be easy. Aspark is limiting their production run to only 50 Owls priced at over $2.7 million a piece. There is no shortage of interest in the Aspark Owl and if acceleration is what you are after, this car delivers it in spades.

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