Aston Martin Vantage AMR

Aston Martin Vantage AMR

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This is not self-driving car. Instead of lessening your input while in the driver’s seat, Aston Martin’s latest Vantage edition, Vantage AMR, asks you to fully engage with the power behind this limited edition sports car. The seven-speed manual transmission is inspired by motorsports with a dogleg gearbox and mated to a limited slip differential. Replacing the automatic transmission in the AMR not only makes driving the car more fun, it also dropped the weight of the car by two hundred pounds (the upgraded ceramic carbon brakes helped in that department too).

Power comes from a four liter twin turbo V8 that can push the car to sixty miles an hour in under four seconds — provided your gear shifting skills are up to par. The top speed is just under two hundred miles an hour but two hundred is the exact number of Vantage AMRs Aston Martin will be making.

Fifty-nine of those units will come with a special livery in celebration of the maker’s 1959 win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, with Stirling Green and Lime on the exterior. Those Vantage 59 cars will run you $205K while a “regular” Vantage AMR is going for $180K. They’re all first-come-first-serve and plan to ship out in the final quarter of 2019. Get your left foot and your bank account prepared. – Learn More


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