Asystem Radical Relief Gel Roll On

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Lots of products offer topical pain relief. And to some degree, all of them will help you feel better than if you hadn’t done anything about an achy back, bruised shoulder, or stiff neck. But what if you could find a topical pain reliever that totally takes care of your aches and pains through a comprehensive and holistic formulation?

That’s what Asystem’s Radical Relief Gel Roll On is. As a martial artist, I’m absolutely impressed by how many pain relieving ingredients they’ve packed into these convenient roll-on sticks. A winning combination of CBD, menthol, and arnica takes care of pain at every level, providing immediate relief, day-long numbing of pain receptors, and long-lasting healing. Plus, unlike many other pain relief ointments and gels, it actually smells quite nice too.

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Black Friday Sales