Atomic Floyd SuperDarts+Remote

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Atomic Floyd SuperDarts Earphones + RemoteNot all earphones are created equal thanks to Atomic Floyd. Their SuperDarts+Remote Earphones were designed for audiophiles looking to vastly improve their listening experience by adding some extra juice behind every note.
The SuperDarts feature a 9mm driver with an enlarged acoustic chamber for increased driver movement resulting in more power, better acoustics, and a crystal clear sound. Additional features include 2-way noise isolation, and built-in air vents that increase the movement of air for an improved overall sound quality, allowing each and every bass, mid, and high note to ring clear.
Attached to the SuperDart Earphones is a stainless steel remote that gives you the power to navigate your music, adjust the volume, and answer phone calls with the simple click of a button. For increased performance and durability, the cables are crafted from Kevlar, which, in our experience, pretty much lasts forever.
SuperDarts+Remote $300

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