Autodromo Monoposto Chronograph

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Some watches defy convention, and make you reimagine what a watch can — and should — be. That’s true in matter of design, construction and style when it comes to the stunning, sharp Autodromo Monoposto Chronograph, a watch that’s truly different than anything in your watch collection now — we guarantee it.

Notably, it’s inspired by single-seat Grand Prix cars in terms of its speedy, slick design. It’s also the first automatic chronograph from Autodromo, and it’s limited to only 500 pieces — a rarity for your collection. Talk about grabbing a unique piece of history.

It’ll certainly cost you, as it’s truly an investment-level timepiece at $1,800, but it’s a heck of a watch that provides sporty-yet-sharp style, ready to wear with tailoring and your best topcoat. The 43mm case diameter makes it bold and striking, yet versatile — what are you waiting for? This timepiece won’t be around for long. – $1,800