WANDW2 Watch

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Worn & Wound has built itself into a truly indispensable source of news and information in the world of watches — with an impressive product assortment behind them to back that up. So it only makes sense that Worn & Wound joined forces with AVI-8 for a second collaboration; it’s a partnership that makes sense and blends the best of watch expertise, resulting in a heck of a timepiece for your consideration this fall.

Featuring a super-sleek matte black dial design inspired by twentieth-century military watches, the dial is clean and classic. The case itself blends black PVD coating and steel for what the two brands call a “stealthier” look. When you take into account that you get two classic NATO straps and a Worn & Wound Model 2 Premium Coal leather strap (made from Wickett & Craig leather) with the watch itself, it’s a purchase that’s worth making and enjoying as much as you can.

AVI-8 x Worn&Wound Watch

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