Aviar R67 Electric Muscle Car

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A Nissan Leaf, this is not. Looking very much like a late 60s Ford Mustang (a ‘67, judging from the name and styling) this initial specimen from electric car startup Aviar takes all the electric zippiness that you’d find inside a Tesla and wraps it in a classic car exterior. Claiming zero to 60 in about 2 seconds and a max speed of 155 mph, the R67 is promising a large performance leap over the Mustang that inspired it (with the ‘67 Shelby topping out at 140 and taking an estimated 7 seconds to get to 60).

Inside the two-seater coupe, Aviar has piled on the luxe with a heated steering wheel, voice-activated controls, twelve-way power seats, an audio system with eleven speakers and a giant 17-inch touchscreen panel. The all-wheel drive R67 has an electric motor at each axle and the batteries are mounted beneath the car for weight distribution and a range of 315 miles. And before anyone protests that half of the allure of a muscle car is in its heart-rattling rumble, the Aviar external sound system mimics the engine and exhaust noise of a Mustang Shelby GT500.

There’s no word on when this Mustang-inspired electric marvel will go into production, or how much you’ll need to pony up to get one, but if this is a sign of the direction electric aesthetics are heading, we’re in full support. –
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R67 Muscle Car

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