Axel Arigato Sonar Sneaker

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The Swedish streetwear pioneer, Axel Arigato, serves up a bold and eye-catching new silhouette with their Sonar Sneaker. It’s definitely inspired by ‘70s running shoes, with its layered upper, rigged with a classic gray skeletal armor, and an almost ballooned side shape. However, this maximalist mix of leather, suede, and canvas also has a fascinatingly sliced-up outsole design. 

The contrast spoiler is a neon green color, making this shoe feel as layered as it looks, and giving it an immediate visual signature. If you were looking at these sneakers from the front, you’d get a cool sort of ASICS-esque vibe. As it starts to turn though, that lime hue exposes itself, showcasing a distinct new kind of trainer that’s still timelessly stylish. Also, the Sonar is handcrafted in Portugal with a micron and rubber sole for comfort and bounce.

Price: $330

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