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The Sears catalogue once sold everything. As in: everything — suspenders, wheelbarrows, entire kits for building your house.  Every stick and window and nail needed arrived in boxcars and new homeowners grabbed friends and neighbors to get the thing put together (though many hired professionals or Sears itself to help). They stopped offering their kit homes in the middle of the last century, but hundreds of them still stand (some people don’t even know they’re living in one).

Today there’s a resurgence of companies offering Sears Catalogue-type kits but none that we’ve seen quite match the coolness and style of the A-frame kits offered by Everywhere Inc. The Ayfraym All-In-One kits come with everything you need — and again, everything means everything — you get hardware, framing timber, doors, wood flooring, cement countertops, light fixtures, siding, and all the other pieces and elements that go into building a 1,500 square foot, three bedroom, two bath home with two outdoor decks. 

Of course, if you’d prefer to have Everywhere build your home, they’ll happily oblige. If you want a contractor to do it for you, just hand them the plans. It all starts with the purchase of Ayfraym plans that cost just under $2k. From there you can truly do it yourself while you really get to know your local hardware store. Or have Everywhere ship you the kit which runs a little over $122k for timber frame ($112K for stick frame). Whichever way you decide to go, once you’ve finished building, you’ll have yourself one truly impressive cabin.

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