Azaris Advanced Off-Road Vehicle

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The future is on its way, and that goes for ATVs too. The first thing you notice about Azaris, the off-road vehicle developed by Ferox, are its looks: sleek, metallic, sci-fi.

But the real future is contained within the Halo-esque body. Instead of the traditional drivetrain, Azaris has four motors housed within the four rear wheels. Utilizing Ferox’s own Fluid Operating System, power is converted to motion with improved efficiency, torque, and speed — in fact the system is capable of delivering up to 500 foot-pounds of torque per wheel (when attached to a sufficiently powerful motor) .

You’ll probably also notice that those four, beefy rear wheels come mounted on a rocker suspension system (hence the need to go beyond a traditional drivetrain setup) which manages to give Azaris better all-terrain capability and a better in-cabin ride.

The fully functioning prototype is currently undergoing tests around its native Australia, and there’s no word yet whether Azaris will head towards production, but as proof of what future technology can do, this advanced, fluid driven vehicle is aggressively getting some attention. – Learn More

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