Azio Retro Classic Bluetooth Keyboards

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We’re all for upgrading your life in each and every possible way when it comes to matters of men’s style — and that can be said for the way you organize and outfit your office or desk, at home or in your cubicle.

These details should be stylish and considered, without distracting you from getting work done. Thus, the Azio Retro Classic Bluetooth Keyboard is seriously cool, functional and neat — unlike any other keyboard you’ve owned, we can nearly guarantee it. It’s been called the “Rolls-Royce of keyboards,” and for good reason.

This certainly isn’t your standard-issue keyboard — it’s made with luxurious leather detailing and features vintage-inspired circular keys, with the keyboard itself designed to nod to the classic sounds of a typewriter. For working on your first (or next) novel, finishing up a work presentation or compiling your next report, it pays off to work off a keyboard that looks stylish and functions quite nicely. Worth the investment? Absolutely. – Shop Now

Azio Retro Classic Bluetooth Keyboard

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