Baltic x Peter Auto Tricompax Chronograph

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What’s better than introducing you to one thing that guys love, like cars or whisky or watches? Sharing our discoveries in the integration between these dude-friendly hobbies, of course.

Baltic makes beautiful mechanical watches inspired by the past, yet made for the modern man. Peter Auto organizes some of auto racing’s most exciting and highly anticipated small-batch events. But when the two of them come together, they create one of the most stunning timepieces packages we’ve seen in quite a while.

It’s not just the double domed sapphire crystal, with its Swiss manual movement and engraved crown, that catches our attention here. It’s also the pair of absolutely striking stopwatches that come along with it—and the fact that it’s limited to 300 pieces when it debuts in a few days’ time. Mark your calendars, because if you’re not quick on the draw you’ll miss out on this truly unique watch package.

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