Baltic Tricompax Panda Collection

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Direct to consumer sales have revolutionized the menswear world by making high quality clothes available at the best possible prices. And it has a huge side benefit too: Because most of these companies are looking to make the best products possible, transparency of sourcing and manufacturing is baked into the process.

So why shouldn’t the same be true for watches? That’s exactly what the folks at Baltic are doing, and it’s perfectly exemplified by their stated goals: “Our aim is to offer timeless pieces, of the highest quality, for fair prices.” To do this, they have a three-part process to create each of their watches: Sourcing the case housing parts and movements from specialty manufacturers in Hong Kong, straps from France, and accessories from Italy.

Baltic Tricompax Collection

That attention to detail at every step of the design process is perfectly on display in their Rolex Daytona-inspired Tricompax collection—a motorsport inspired duo with exceptionally easy to read faces and Sellita SW510-M mechanical manual movements to power them.

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