BCB Adventure Ultimate Survival Kit

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A man’s indomitable will, his chutzpah, his resourcefulness will get him far. But imagine Matt Damon up there on Mars with just his brains, moxy and two empty hands. It would have been a short movie. Point is: most know-how is little more than useless without tools and supplies. So make sure you always have some. While this compact tin isn’t going to replace any serious, eyes-on-the-fan survival cache, if you’re ever put up against a situation where you can have the twenty supplies in this case or nothing at all, the choice is easy.

Basic, get-you-through-the-night things like flint and striker, compass, distress whistle, and mini multi tool are in here, along with some longer-haul items like a fishing kit, sewing kit and silicone tubing. The tin’s compact enough to stick it and forget it… until that time comes when your will to survive calls for backup. – Buy It

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Black Friday Sales