Beer Diagram Print

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If you know a guy who enjoys putting one back — or if that guy happens to be you — take a closer look at the spirit of craftsmanship that goes into 16 distinctive types of beer via the Beer Diagram Print. On top of those 16 distinctive types, you also get a look at 40 different subcategories, right down to the glass that the final beer type should be served in — enough to make you want to crack open a cold one right then and there.

It’s a suitably rugged and visually interesting piece of wall art that looks sharp and well-made — and it’s the perfect thing to admire as you sip a new craft brew. The best part about it? It’s only $25 — if you’re seeking a new piece of wall art to add to your den, study or office, beer nerds can rejoice. And be sure to save a cold one for us.

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