Beerjet 6 Beer Dispenser

Beerjet 6 Beer Dispenser

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Barkeeps, stadium owners, and those who throw seriously large keggers: good news. No one will ever have to wait for a beer from you, ever again. Austrian company Beerjet manufactures fixed and mobile beer dispensing machines capable of delivering an impressively large amount of brew in an impressively small amount of time. How impressive? Beerjet 6 can pour up to a thousand 16 ounce pints in an hour.

Hooked up to either keg or tank, the Beerjet pneumatically tilts the glasses for the ideal pour while beer temp and pressure are electronically monitored. The touch screen lets you pick your vessel size, pour speed and amount of head, and when it’s all over, the thing automatically cleans itself. It’s one more step towards minimizing time elapsed between wanting a beer and drinking one. Job well done. Order yours at Beerjet.


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