Bell Pro Star Helmet

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What’s the most important piece of equipment in any biker’s arsenal? His brain. Guys in comas don’t finish races. Or ride anywhere at all. Bell Helmets has been making motorcycle and bicycling helmets for more than half a century, so their helmets are a good place to trust the safety of your head. The new ProStar is modern, light and full of advanced features.

The Pro Star’s outer shell is super light TeXtreme carbon fiber and inside is a 3 layer impact Flex liner. Recycled jade is infused into the Cool Jade mesh fabric liner so you keep a cool head. The Panovision shield and redesigned viewport give you better vision and lines of sight and removable cheek pads offer better protection (and the ability to take them out and clean them). Plus the whole thing looks dark and matte and dangerous to know while keeping your head in one functioning piece. – $1,200+

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