Bellroy Desk Caddy

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As the dopp kit is to toiletries, so the Bellroy Desk Caddy is to all your office tech gear. It’s a brilliantly designed piece of everyday carry gear for the urban professional, with every detail in place to make it smooth and easy to transition from work from home to the office.

Take a peek inside the Desk Caddy, and you’ll find a whole host of tailor-made pockets, divider walls, storage spaces, and elastic bands designed for your office essentials. And once you’ve loaded the Caddy down with your cords, headphones, pens, notepads, and more, it will stand up on its own. Combine that with a smooth zipper action and lay-open design, and it becomes a quick and easy way to always have your essentials nearby on your desk. Top all that off with a water-resistant fabric, and you get the perfect way to organize, store, and carry all of your professional equipment no matter where you need to go.

Price: $59

Bellroy Desk Caddy

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