Bellroy Slim Sleeve Carryology Edition

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Bellroy’s special Carryology Essentials Edition of the Slim Sleeve takes their trademark anti-bulk design, the one that sinks invisibly into your pocket, and levels it up both functionally and aesthetically. It still boasts an impressive two-to-eight card capacity and comes with that pull tab, a simple but genius feature that saves even the most dexterous of people time and grief—this time in bright orange. 

Carryology and Bellroy provide this edition with a custom-designed pattern, which looks like a diamond composition made up of otherwise organic-looking leather texturing. Not only does this add a dapper sophistication, but provides the surface more topography for graceful aging and patination. And since they use gold-rated Leather Working Group leathers, expect this distinct pattern to grow even more distinguished.

Price: $55

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