Bell’s Octoberfest Beer

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Set foot inside Bell’s in lovely Kalamazoo (that’d be Michigan, folks), and it feels like you’re stepping into another world — one dominated by delicious craft beer and a classic, down home sense of Midwestern pride, of course.

Bell’s has built a mini-empire by focusing on uncompromising quality and authentic beers — you won’t find all that many off-the-wall ingredients or trend-chasing in this neck of the woods, and that’s completely fine with us. In short, that’s why we love Bell’s Octoberfest, a balanced amber lager that just might be the perfect beer to sip on this time of year. It’s an especially enjoyable brew to drink sitting in Bell’s quaint Beer Garden on a breezy, early autumn day, but if you can’t make it in person to the famed Midwestern brewery, we’d recommend you do your best to score some regardless.

The lightly toasted malt and reliable flavor should certainly be appreciated as the craft beer industry looks to load up its beers with ever-expanding, complex ingredients. That’s not the case here — Bell’s knows that simple beer is sometimes the best beer. – Shop Now

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